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The Future of Social Media Marketing in 2013


The social media world is changing almost daily and this means social media marketing, affiliate management and even search engine optimisation experts are all finding themselves having to reassess and alter their campaign plans on an almost weekly basis.

It would appear however that despite the constant re-evaluation that social media marketing is still one of the most effective methods of reaching a target audience therefore we will all have to continue to conquer the changes and do so proactively in order to help clients achieve their marketing goals in 2013.

  1. Social Media on the Go

2013 will no doubt see the further development of mobile social media. Most people own an android phone if not a smartphone and therefore are able to use mobile internet anywhere especially social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. What this means is that websites will need to continue to be made more user-friendly. In terms of social media marketing and affiliate marketing consultants are going to need to rethink how their target audience will now be communicating and what effect this will have where and how they advertise.

  1. One to Watch

Up until recently Facebook and Twitter were considered the main two social media websites by many users. In recent months Google Plus, which did disappoint many who eagerly signed up to the beta accounts when they launched, has rolled out a number of new features including Communities. Communities work very much like a Facebook group yet seem to have eliminated the niggles that many business users on Facebook are recently complaining about.

As many every day social surfers and business users are growing somewhat fatigued by the frequent changes to layout, features and terms and conditions on Facebook especially, many are giving Google Plus a second chance and liking what they see. It is expected that marketing agencies are going to have to ensure that they don’t overlook the importance of G+, especially in terms of SEO in 2013.

  1. Relevant Information

It is expected that app users, and indeed all social media developers will be looking at more effective ways to streamline the amount of information that a user is seeing at any one time. Facebook took the initiative recently to separate “Pages” from “Friend” posts; based on an algorithm that no-one as yet has claimed to fully understand. This has outraged business users yet at present there seems to be a case to argue that visibility is the same as always as relevant page information is still being seen in the main timeline. It is clear to see why users are somewhat confused.

The next step for all social media platforms is to find their own way of weeding out spam and making it easier for account holders to see what they want, when they want while not penalising business users. How this will develop in 2013 is yet unknown however if done correctly it could be a very positive step for social media marketers and those who run affiliate marketing management campaigns as at last it will be clear what the boundaries are and will give infinitely clear data into social media habits that has previous been available.

There are a lot of whispers in corners at present however it appears that all in all 2013 could be a very exciting year for those involved in social media so it would be wise to keep abreast of new developments as and when information is released.

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